Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catching Up

As you may notice, I started this blog a very LONG time ago and I never did anything with it. I have decided that I want to try to keep up with it now.

So, as you know in a young childs life there are many changes that occur quite often as time goes by...

Alexis is now 8 and sometimes a little more grown up than I would like for her to be. She is in the 2nd grade and does really well in school. At the beginning of the year the teachers called this year preparing for the next... That means that they are preparing them for TACS (or whatever it is called) Which means that this year is quite a bit more difficult than the last 2. She has to do homework every night and she is not so fond of that. She would rather wait until the very last minute to do it. That leads me to worry about her future in school because there will always be more and more homework to come. Hopefully she will get over it and just learn to do it quickly and be done with it.
Alexis likes remote control cars and other boy toys I can't think of at the moment. Mostly she is addicted to Mario right now. We have Mario action figures (Luigi too), Mario video games for the Wii and Mario video games for her DS. Oh and Mario Bros the movie. At the moment she tells me she is a Tomboy. She says that means she is a girl who would rather play with boys toys, like action figures and cars. She doesn't wear girlie clothes like skirts and dresses. (Unless I give her no choice) Every once in a while if I barter with her for something she really wants, she will let me fix her hair but most of the time she is a pony tail kind of girl. I can't really blame her though I am a pony tail kind of girl myself. She is a gorgeous tomboy and her smile truly lights up my day. I always wanted to dress her up like a princess so maybe she is just rebelling against what I wanted her to do. Who knows what will happen as she gets older but I can't wait to find out

As for Alissa, she is now 5 but if you ask her it is always different. Sometimes she says she is 5 or 22 or even 112 or anywhere in between. She doesn't really look at that number as getting older, to her it seems that it is about getting more privileges because she is old enough. lol. She is my little drama queen. She loves everything that is girlie and I love that about her. She always says things that you would never expect to come out of a child her age's mouth. Just the other day she informed me that Justin Bieber is so "HOT". This only made us laugh to which she said "What, he IS hot." so of course, I had to ask her what exactly she thought it meant to be hot... (Which I regretted asking) She with her most serious face turned to me and said "That means he is Sexy!" I nearly fell off the couch. What can you say to your 5yr old when she thinks a famous person is sexy...

Anyways, Alissa is in preschool and is a little too smart for her own good sometimes. Her teachers say that she runs the classroom sometimes. Which they allow so it must not be too bad. She is beginning to be able to read and she randomly will tell me words that she has learned to spell. Her newest being January, which she spells... J A N U A R......... Y. I always have to laugh because she wants me to be in suspense and then she announces the last letter like its some great announcement. I love getting to listen to the excitement in her voice when she has learned something new. When she was learning her letters she would learn little songs with each letter than included several things that start with the letter she was learning about and she would sing us all the little songs in the evenings. I think that she is going to be a performer of some sort. She loves dancing around and singing and just being seen.

All in all, my girls make my day every day. Here are a few more pictures of them over the last year or so. More to come later.

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