Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My girls

This is my first blog ever, I never really thought about doing a blog before. I have finally decided that this is the perfect way to share information about my girls with all of our family and the people who love them. I will try to post about their milestones and anything exceptional that they do. Or anything that is just fun. Here is just a little bit about them...

Alexis is my oldest daughter and will be 7 the end of October. She is in the 1st grade and seems to really enjoy school. She doesn't get overly excited about it but she doesn't really get overly excited about much. She is learning to read and likes to read stories to me now (with only a little bit of help for really hard words.) She is really into playing games and is really good at figuring out how to win. She plays wii a lot and usually wins no matter who she is playing. I gave up on letting her win, now I just try to not let her totally stomp me. I am learning that she is really sneaky but I am hoping that she will grow out of that (Even though I doubt it, I can still hope).
This is Alexis to the left and Alissa on the right. The picture was taken by Aunt Brittani on our trip to Georgia last year during spring break. We are at "The Varsity"

Alissa is my baby girl, she will be 4 in December. She goes to daycare/preschool and is pretty smart for her age. It is funny to watch her playing on the computer. She maneuvers the mouse on the laptop better than I do. She loves to watch movies that have a lot of music and she sings and dances along with them. She is very fiesty and I know that with her I will have my hands totally full but it just makes me love her even more.